Powerlifting Coaching

4 weeks with option to continue past the 4 weeks

1-on-1 coaching with a Certified USAPL Powerlifting Coach


In person training sessions that fit your schedule

2/3/5 day/ week training options

Optional nutrition/supplement coaching available (+$25)

$150/month | 2x a week

$200/month | 3x a week

$250/month | 5x a week

Online Programming

Personalized programming emailed to you week by week that uses your goals, restrictions, likes & dislikes to help you obtain your desired outcomes

These can be done at your own leisure in your own home/gym setting (depending on what you have available)

Optional in-person consultation & option for weekly in person check ins at Watertown Strength Training

Full use of our gym (if you so choose)

Optional nutrition/supplement coaching available (+$25)

$25/week with minimum of 4 weeks initial requirement 

*Prices Subject To Change With Notice


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